Listie Monday… I mean Tuesday

Pimm's Cup from London

Pimm’s Cup from London

So… It’s Tuesday. I’m well aware. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I apologize.  Sometimes my life is crazy. Some days I spend all my free time reading about how to make homemade bread, playing with Tigro (my dog) and trying to pick a new blog layout. No biggie.

And I just got distracted and had to download the new Instagram update. This is my life. I’m trying to work on a schedule  to get a flow of blogging. Not working out well, as you can see.

BUT now you get an awesomely crafted list of what I’ve been drooling over the past week.

– I read in Real Simple about a great hostess gift of gin, tonic, and a potted lime tree. I would LOVE that, lime or lemon tree. Or this drink constantly in my fridge.

– With the lemons from my new lemon tree, I would make you these lemon truffles !!!

– My bestie should def. get us these. Thank goodness for cell phones, they make long distance possible.

– This syrup in this drink (P.S. Just found her but love her blog, Cookie & Kate is on my subscriptions for sure!)

– Love the mood lighting in this living room. It’s good there’s no IKEA in Nashville, or I would be there every weekend thanks to Pinterest.

– Making your own nut butter would feel so empowering right? Perfect, when you make this, I’ll take some.

– I would love this right now. It’s only Monday, butttt I worked all weekend. So it’s ok? (I’m feeling a theme emerging…)

– On my list of things to make are pita bread and bread from this book. Love getting cookbooks at the library.

– I LOVE Zooey Deschanel and her sister, Emily Deschanel hence I need this.

– With my leftover candy canes, I can’t wait to make these easy treats.

You got all that Santa?! I’ll get a second stocking this year just so you have a place to put all my goodies. kthankssomuchbye!!!


But seriously, I just made a family member the best gift EVER. He/she will be so ecstatic when she/he opens it. That truly is the greatest gift, showing others how much you care.

Simple, but beautiful wrapping - the ArtfuLife

Good luck as you are shopping, and remember how important the outside of your gift is too! Just some simple kraft paper and ribbon make this beauty.

Flavored Ouzo from GreeceFlavored ouzo from a bar in Athens, Greece.

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