Create your Future

Too many of us are hung up on what we don’t have, can’t have, or won’t ever have. We spend too much energy being down, when we could use that same energy – if not less of it – doing, or at least trying to do, some of the things we really want to do.

– Terry McMillan

I love that quote. By focusing on what we want, we use our energy achieving that as opposed to seeing the negative in everyday life. Instead of seeing the desert wasteland, you see the opportunities before you.

So. What do I want?

– I want to have this library including the piano and especially the windows.
This I would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
– I want to wear this burgundy maxi outfit with this nail polish.
– Visiting this place during Carnival shouldn’t count. A trip back is a necessity.
DIY on the top of my list, and this takes second place
– I’ve never been one for labels, but I love everything about this outfit… minus the necklace and maybe the collar.
– At the end of the day all I want is to be here drinking this with the love of my life.

So what do you want? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?

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